Products / Technology

From design to final product

Packaging structures B-612 Graphic Design Studio ERBI Printing House Łódź Digital Packaging Łódź

advisory services as regards standard packaging structures from the international ECMA brochure or creating new, unique ones.

Graphic design B-612 Graphic Design Studio

creating professional designs tailored to the customer's requirements and expectations.

Prepress preparation B-612 Graphic Design Studio ERBI Printing House Łódź

we offer professional prepress file preparation, necessary to achieve a fully satisfying effect without errors and corrections.

Process unification and standardisation B-612 Graphic Design Studio ERBI Printing House Łódź

unifying and introducing the optimum degree of file arrangement in terms of graphics and production.

Offset printing ERBI Printing House Łódź

large quantity printing using offset technology.

Varnishing ERBI Printing House Łódź

our manufacturing processes may feature varnishing with a dispersion, UV, oil or structural varnish.

Hot Stamping ERBI Printing House Łódź Digital Packaging Łódź

a method of enriching packaging by foil stamping; we offer a large selection of metallised films.

Cutting ERBI Printing House Łódź Digital Packaging Łódź

precision cutting of standard and intricate patterns.

Embossing and debossing ERBI Printing House Łódź Digital Packaging Łódź

we can obtain amazing enrichments by embossing and debossing.

Embossing Braille inscriptions ERBI Printing House Łódź Digital Packaging Łódź

pursuant to a EU directive, it is mandatory for pharmaceutical packaging to contain communications in Braille, which is why we have a vision control system and the EyeC Proofiler 400 electronic system. This guarantees that each Braille inscription conforms 100% with the customer's file and has the appropriate quality.

Gluing ERBI Printing House Łódź Digital Packaging Łódź

packaging with single- and multiple-point gluing and pre-creasing adjusted to the customer's needs, our modern folding and gluing machines enable gluing cardboard boxes at a speed of 300 m/min, including all safety systems. Gluing lines are equipped with pharmacode and glue path readers.

Leaflets ERBI Printing House Łódź

we print pharmaceutical leaflets on low grammage paper over 40 g/m2;
We provide a wide range of folding options including even the smallest sizes.

Digital printing Digital Packaging Łódź

high quality printing of small quantities of packaging using digital technology.

Production prototypes Digital Packaging Łódź

the smallest number of copies we can produce is one, which is why before we engage in mass production, we offer the preparation of samples created with the use of the relevant processes.

Personalised printing Digital Packaging Łódź

our services include personalisation, for example by printing data assigned to an individual recipient or adding separate numbers and barcodes.

Variable data Digital Packaging Łódź

packaging is marked with matrix barcodes, e.g.: Data Matrix and QR code.

Through dyed paper Digital Packaging Łódź

we use premium fine paper in a variety of colours and textures.

Synthetic surfaces Digital Packaging Łódź

our customers can choose printing on different surfaces, such as PVC, Tyvek, films etc.