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B-612 Graphic Design Studio B-612 Graphic Design Studio

B-612 Graphic Design Studio
B-612 Graphic Design Studio

B-612 Graphic Design Studio has been providing comprehensive services related to graphic design, prepress preparation and contacts with printing houses, publishers and advertising agencies for 15 years.

We have established close cooperation with pharmaceutical companies, based on our professional advisory services and control over artworks:
- layout management,
- composition and design of pharmaceutical packaging,
- labels and leaflets, and project unifications.

We establish standards with our clients to ensure that all projects are implemented in line with the agreed instructions.

Our services for the pharmaceutical industry include:
generating and printing:
- Pharmacodes,
- Visualcodes,
- Data Matrices,
- Braille inscriptions,

control over:
- the correct barcode readability by specifying the readability class,
- readability of Braille inscriptions,
- errors such as bleeds, trapping etc.;

reducing the number of colours in artworks.

Our processes employ state-of-the-art software: graphic design – Adobe CS, DTP Sigma staging packaging PRO, electronic file verification – Proofiler EyeC Graphics.

Additionally, owing to our experience and skills, we implement graphic design projects in the following fields:
- commercial graphic design,
- advertising materials,
- logotypes,
- corporate identity.

We make sure that the project is prepared for the selected printing method:
- Offset printing (sheet-fed or web method)
- Digital printing,
- Large format printing.

ERBI Printing House Łódź ERBI Printing House

ERBI Printing House
ERBI Printing House
ERBI Printing House

An offset printing house with 28 years' experience in the printing industry. A leading manufacturer of packaging and leaflets for the pharmaceutical industry.

We produce standard unit packaging for RX pharmaceuticals as well as packaging for OTC and cosmetic products, which require more complex technological processes.

The manufacturing process uses mainly GC1, GC2, two sided CS2 and other paperboard types.

We offer a wide range of structural solutions, for example packaging with straight line gluing, multi-point gluing (e.g. display type) and pre-creasing.

We can also perform embossing and debossing of any designs and Braille inscriptions in line with the Marburg Standard.

We manufacture unit packaging with a variety of layouts, enriched with a dispersion, UV or structural varnish, or hot stamping.

In addition to packaging, we also produce leaflets for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The leaflets are printed in colour or black and white, on low grammage paper over 40 g/m2.

We provide a wide range of folding options – we are able to create 8 parallel folds and 4 cross folds so that the minimal leaflet format is only 15 mm.

Our folding machines are equipped with pharmacode reading systems, which guarantee proper print on both sides.

During each manufacturing stage, our attention is focused on strict process control to ensure safety and the highest quality of products.

To ensure conformity between the file and the ready product, we have implemented, for example, the EyeC Proofiler system. Braille inscriptions, bar code readability and the layout are checked in regard to quality assurance.

We continuously invest in innovative, modern technologies and consistently apply the implemented quality policy based on good manufacturing practice (GMP).

Each produced lot has an individual quality certificate and the customer always receives a representative sample.

Personalised and flexible approach to individual customers, detailed and comprehensive services, the highest quality control standards and high-grade ready products are the qualities that distinguish our company.

The number of our state-of-the-art machines is steadily growing.

Products manufactured by us are delivered to pharmaceutical companies in Poland, Europe and the United States.

Digital Packaging Łódź Digital Packaging Printing House

Digital Packaging
Digital Packaging
Digital Packaging

Digital Packaging Sp. z o.o. was founded in 2016. Its core business activity is the manufacture of packaging for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Work in these segments means complying with the strictest quality standards at every production stage. This, in turn, guarantees the highest standard of performance.

The manufacturing process is based on HP Indigo presses. The devices employ the remarkable ElectroInk technology, which is the only colour digital printing process to produce results comparable to offset printing. Using 7 paint colours allows us not only to obtain CMYK colours but also to reflect almost the entire Pantone palette.

In digital printing, even the first copy we produce is perfect in terms of printing quality. Owing to this, the execution time is shorter and we can complete orders as small as 1 piece without any loss. The company offers packaging prototypes cut from Kongsberg paper.
We can also print packaging with variable data (Data Matrix and QR), which gives our clients the option to personalise each product.

Each order is checked by our Quality Control division. Customers can be sure that the products they receive are of the highest quality.